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This past Sunday I had the opportunity to attend the UK’s first running/blogger conference, Write This Run, in London this past Sunday.  Trying to come up with a post based on everything that I learned (staying positive, having a word limit, finding your own voice while telling a story, being brave and being prepared to take risks, make your goals public) has been daunting to say the very least.  I am not sure I know how to write a post (about anything, not just this past Sunday) without violating one or more of those listed above.  There is always room for improvement.

I can say without hesitation that I had an amazing time.  The event was smashing and Liz and Laura were so welcome and accommodating  I met so many lovely people, and learned so much about blogging and about running.  Everyone who spoke had such powerful stories to tell about their experiences.  Everyone who has blogged writeups since Sunday have written so eloquently, (and I’m sure I missed some!) it makes me feel rather anxious about adding my own post into the fray.

I left Write this Run wanting to be a better blogger, to cultivate my own voice, and thinking about thinking about running a marathon.  Had I had a working iPad or my laptop with me that evening I would have waxed poetic about all of it.

It’s now three days later and I’m still looking for the right words.  Perhaps there are no words in my case.  Perhaps it will be all about action for me.  I went into Write this Run on my own (I didn’t know anyone personally. It was a rather scary experience, to be honest!); in fact I was only reading/following a handful of the attendees and participants.   That has all changed.  I’ve even updated my Twitter bio as well as my about me page here on Sleep Spin Research. (It’s a bit long- sorry!)

The last thing I need to do, is to go out and run.  I was going to this afternoon but a the lack of sleep + headache + not enough fuel has led me to postpone until tomorrow.  I hope that I can find an old credit card* or library card to bring with me.  You never know when you’ll need one on the road.




*(Karen Weir said in her talk that if you clenched your bum cheeks while running (like you’ve got a credit card to hold there) along with leaning forward a bit, it will improve your running efficiency.)

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